2021 Ibetamac MAXIMA 3 AX 31135

2021 Ibetamac MAXIMA 3 AX 31135

€43.000 +iva

Albano Laziale, Italia

oChiama +39 3333413989


Synchronized bending machine 3 axes Y1 + Y2 + X series with Cybelec cnc model CYBTOUCH 12 economic version with manual compensation table type wila bending length 3100 mm bending force 135 T attack type amada schiavi with 4 V 60x60 mm matrix


ModelloMAXIMA 3 AX 31135
Bending length (mm)3100
Power (ton)135
Passage between the uprights (mm)2600
Upper pillar piston stroke (mm)270
Light (mm)550
Notch (mm)450
Motor power (kw)11
Descent speed (mm / sec)160
Working speed (mm / sec)10
Ascent rate (mm / sec)140
Compensation tablemanual
Controlled axes3 (Y1 + Y2 + X)
X axis travel (mm)750
Cnc suppliedCybelec CYB TOUCH 12
Height (mm)2750
Length (mm)4170
Depth (mm)2080
Weight kg)8500